Happy New Years From Partners In Communication LLC

Happy New Year!! All of us at Partners In Communication LLC are excited to begin the New Year; our sixth year as a Sign Language interpreting agency. We know that as interpreters and members of the deaf community you have many options when it comes to choosing an agency with whom to work. We appreciate your affiliation with us whether it is here in the San Francisco Bay Area or in another location nationwide. If you have an idea for how we could improve upon the services we provide please let us know.uk commercial inflatable water ball

We at Partners In Communication LLC (Sally, Chelsey, Loralee, Angela and Rob) look forward to continued work with you in 2012!

Partners In Communication LLC’s Meet and Greet!!

Please RSVP by October 19, 2011 by going to:http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/L7DWKGQ


Partners In Communication LLC’s Meet and Greet!!

Saturday October 22, 2011

8 am-1 pm.

Meet the Scheduling Associates, Rob and Angela, have some breakfast and get some CEUS! And be done by 1!!!


Meet and Greet and a 2 hour workshop by Dan Langholtz, “Vicarious Trauma- Potential Hazards and Interventions for Interpreters”.

This workshop will reveal how it is inevitable that in our interpreting work we encounter difficult, challenging and disruptive situations. We may feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or angry when things turn out to be detrimental to our performances. This constant experience can affect our skills and stamina if not treated properly. The term, Vicarious Trauma, as it is called, was coined about 20 years ago. Vicarious Trauma does exist in other helping professions.  We will examine vicarious trauma – understand and recognize its impact on our interpreting profession. We will compare vicarious trauma experienced in other professions with ours. Participants will look at interpreting events and settings that may have high risks for causing vicarious traumas. Strategies for coping with vicarious trauma will be presented & reviewed and how they correlate with the Code of Professional Conduct.

CEUs provided free to interpreters who RSVP!


The Box SF

1069 Howard St  San Francisco Ca 94114






Saturday October 22, 2011   8 AM- 1 PM

Please RSVP by October 19, 2011 by going to:



Partners has a new website and a new blog!

Partners In Communication LLC is on Twitter (@partnersinterps) and on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/partnersincommunicationllc) and now you can use your RSS feed and get our blog delivered to your in-box.

We will be providing information via our blog about interpreting issues and news, as well as communication about things happening at Partners In Communication LLC. We encourage you to use these avenues as a way to keep in touch with us as well.

Let us know what you think!

Rob and Angela