I was sent an email that said, “contingent on an team being assigned.” What does that mean?

If you accepted an assignment and we are still looking for a team then the final confirmation of the session is CONTINGENT on a team being assigned. If we are unable to find a team then the job will likely be canceled or in some cases the session will be changed to accommodate a single interpreter. If you are still waiting for the final confirmation and you have an opportunity to take other work or make other plans, please consider checking with us to see if we can issue the final confirmation. If you do not wish to hold this spot on your schedule, we will understand, please let us know. We will communicate with you along the way — letting you know if a team is found or if the job is still un-teamed at the 72 / 48 / and 24 hour marks.  If an assignment is “contingent on a team” it will not be billable until a final confirmation is sent. Our aim is transparency, so please ask us about jobs if you have specific questions or have suggestions for filling a session.

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