What do you do if the client doesn’t show up?

If you are at an assignment and the client does not show, please wait for 25 – 30 minutes then contact our office. We will likely ask you to check with the requester or point of contact for the assignment, letting them know the client has not yet arrived and asking whether they would like you to continue waiting or are free to leave. In some instances, like a Dr. appointment, they will not have the flexibility in their day’s schedule to see the client after a certain point and they may tell you to go ahead and leave. In other situations they may feel that there is still a chance the client will arrive or they want to ‘get what they are paying for’ and will ask you to stay for the full time you are booked. Either way, so that we can be prepared should anyone ask us about the situation, please communicate what happened with our office.

Posted in: Interpreter FAQ