Getting Cleared For Medical Interpreting

At Partners we have two medical systems that require medical screening, drug testing and background checks: Sutter Medical and Kaiser.

Below are the details you will need in order to go through the process of getting cleared for the work for these customers.

Sutter Medical:

Sutter requires that you register with their third party verification system, Symplr. There is a $79 annual fee that covers the cost of your background check and ongoing tracking of your required verification forms. All materials, proof vaccination/immunity must be uploaded onto their website. Symplr will need to send you an invitation to join so please ask us to have one sent.

Click Here for a full List of Sutter requirements.

Note regarding HIPAA Training:

  • Symplr will accept outside training documents for HIPAA. The document must state the individual’s name, HIPAA or Privacy Training, and the completion date (this is what we use to determine the expiration date). Symplr does offer HIPAA training ($60) through the individual profile if you need a training resource, but it is not a requirement to purchase their training.
  • Proof of HIPAA training must be renewed every 2 years. A completion date is needed on your document or you will be declined


Partners will collect and maintain the database for Kaiser clearance. You need to send everything to us via Fax or email.

Click here for a full list of Kaiser requirements.

Kaiser AND Sutter:

The requirements for both Kaiser and Sutter are basically the same. Follow the directions on the two links provided above. You can get the background check from Sutter and send us a digital copy to satisfy your Kaiser background check. If you have any questions, please contact Partners at