Health Care Screenings

Health Care Screenings

Partners In Communication LLC or another agency may have asked you recently to get a list of health screening measures and background checks. If you have previously not been asked, Partners In Communication LLC is asking you now.

More and more medical systems are requiring a list of health screenings, background checks and drug tests. There are several reasons for this. One reason is the The Joint Commission (TJC), formally known at the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO), is a not for profit organization that accredits over 19,000 health care organizations (think Kaiser, Alta Bates, and UC Medical). They require some of these items to be done for all employees, staff, volunteer and contract workers (that’s us). Also some of the screenings fall under state law. The flu shot is one of those items.

Do you know you can refuse a flu shot? We would just need your refusal on record. To refuse, you just have to fill out a declination form (we have it, just ask) and submit that with the rest of your documentation. Finally, some items are required by the hospital because they feel it’s a good practice for contractors working around their patients.

Currently there are one or two big medical contracts on the table that several agencies are competing for. These medical systems have written into their contracts that interpreters must have this list of screenings complete to be working in their medical facilities.

Partners In Communication LLC wants to encourage interpreters to start to integrate these screenings into interpreters’ professional tool box. Have these screenings done and have a complete copy ready. The agency that gets the contracts and future contracts will need these on file in order to give you work in these settings. In some situations, several agencies will have the same contract. This is why we feel its important for interpreters to have their own copies of the documentation. No need to pay more than is necessary for these items that we hope will become part of your business expenses.

Contact us for a complete list of what needs to be done and if you need recommendations for how to get it done.