Partners In Communication LLC

Rates and Service Agreement

Below is the service agreement for Partners in Communication LLC. Please read through all terms and policies prior to submitting your completed agreement.

Rates: In-Person and Virtual Remote

  • $116.50/hour 7am to 5pm (2 hour minimum) per interpreter
  • $122.50/hour 5pm to 12am (2 hour minimum) per interpreter
  • $140.50/hour 12am to 7am (2 hour minimum) per interpreter
  • Per Mile Reimbursement (at current rate set by the IRS) per interpreter
  • Parking, Tolls, and Public Transportation Fees, if any, per interpreter
  • After 2 hours billing is in 30-minute increments per interpreter
  • Weekends and Holidays additional $10/hour per interpreter
  • Tri-Lingual/Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI)/ Deaf-Blind/Cued Speech add $30/hour per interpreter
  • $100 Conference Coordination Fee (only if applicable)

revised 8/1/2023

Service Policies

For occupational safety and quality assurance reasons, assignments near one hour or more in length may require two interpreters to work together. Occasionally assignments less than one hour will require two interpreters. This decision rests with the interpreting agency and depends upon the nature of the job. We will advise you of our decision in advance.

If we have been unable to fill your request and are approaching 24 hours prior to your reserved time, we will notify you that we have not yet located resource(s), but will continue to work on assigning interpreters. We will continue trying to fill the assignment until the requested start time unless you explicitly tell us otherwise.

If you have multiple sessions associated with one request, and you prefer us to fill all or none, rather than as many as possible, this must be communicated at the time the request is made. Example: A multi-day / session conference in which the attendee will decline to attend if interpreters are not secured for the entirety of the request.

Payments are due upon receipt of invoice unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Late Payment Penalties: $25.00 per 30 days past due plus any collection service fees.


Cancellations and Changes

Interpreting requests canceled or their duration changed less than 2 business days (48 business-hours) in advance will be billed the 2 hour minimum per interpreter if 2 hours or less were reserved. If more than 2 hours were reserved the fee will be for the entire time reserved per interpreter. Some events may require a special cancelation policy. This would be discussed with you at the time the request is made.

Cancellations must be emailed to or phoned into 800-975-8150 at which time a confirmation of the cancellation will be sent to the requester. There must be enough lead-time to receive the message, process the cancellation, and send confirmations. Please allow at least 15-30 minutes processing time; possibly more during busy morning hours. Changes that need to be made after business hours (6:30 pm PST) will not be accepted until the following morning unless they are called in and confirmed by our overnight staff (Ext 805). Cancellations are not final until confirmations have been sent back to the requester.

PLEASE NOTE: Phone messages are monitored 24/7. If you are close to the 48 business-hours mark, please consider placing a call in order to expedite the process. Example of 48 business-hours advanced notice: A cancellation for a job taking place on a Monday must be received no later than the job’s start time on the Thursday prior. Saturday and Sunday do not fall under normal business hours.

Authorized Requests

As the submitter of this form, you agree to all policies listed above. In addition, you understand all future requests for services made under this agreement will be subject to these policies unless a new agreement has been implemented. The policies are bound to this agreement and apply to all personnel within your organization making requests under this agreement.

Information Needed When Making A Request For Service

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location Address / Directions
  • Virtual Platform and Link Information (for Virtual Remote)
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Description of the Situation
  • Names of People Involved
  • Billing Information