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Requesting a Sign Language Interpreter

To request a sign language interpreter anywhere in the U.S. please contact us with your request by phone, email, or fax or simply click the button below. If you have a Gridcheck login please take advantage of this useful and easy on-line tool. We provide services nationally, with our main areas of focus being San Francisco, New York City (and surrounding areas), and Washington D.C.

Cancellations and Changes

Cancellations must be sent to or phoned in to 800-975-8150 at which time a confirmation of the cancellation will be sent to the requester. There must be enough leeway to receive the message, process the cancellation and send confirmations. Please allow at least 15 minutes processing time. Cancellations are not final until confirmations have been sent back to requester.

Some Conferences and Events: Some events may require a special cancelation policy. This would be discussed with you at the time the request is made.

PLEASE NOTE: Phone messages are monitored 24/7. If you are close to the 48 business-hours mark, please consider placing a call in order to expedite the process.

Example of 48 business-hours advanced notice: A cancellation for a job taking place on a Monday must be received no later than the job’s start time on the Thursday prior.


We strive to make working with our agency as seamless as possible. You may qualify to take advantage of an administrative tool we have created for you. By logging into this web-based program ( you can:

  • Monitor up to the minute status of your pending request
  • Check interpreter availability before setting an appointment time
  • View your past and future appointments
  • Edit appointment information
  • Create requests for service
  • Cancel existing requests for service
  • Edit your contact information
  • Monitor and pay your invoices

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